07 Apr, 2022

Tags related to the recipient of the pushes

It can be useful to receive a second notification when a data transfer is received: the first in the Kizeo Forms application, as is currently the case, and then a second by email.

The new tags

Some new tags have been introduced. They allow you to display or use the email address of the person to whom you are transferring the data.

  • ##_recipient_first_name##: recipient's first name
  • ##_recipient_last_name##: recipient's name
  • ##_recipient_email##: recipient's email

The information is retrieved from the user's profile in the First Name, Last Name and Email Address fields.

tags retrieved from user profile

Use cases

  1. In a custom export, display the First Name, Last Name and Email Address of the person to whom the data was transferred.
  2. Also in the case of a data transfer. For example, your user enters a holiday request and transfers it to his manager who will receive a notification on his phone. Let's say the manager doesn't have the phone with him; he won't be able to see the notification. Sending an email will notify the manager of the transfer.

Setting up the email scenario

Here is an example of an email scenario:

  • In the content, you can use the ##_recipient_first_name## and ##_recipient_last_name## tags to personalise the message
  • Then, in the list of recipients enter the ##_recipient_email## tag
  • Finally, select Transfer in the sending conditions.

email scenario for push recipient

Thus, when the user transfers the leave request to his manager, he will receive the following email, in addition to the notification in Kizeo Forms :

push email

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