21 Dec, 2016

How to send custom reports easily by email to multiple recipients?

Distribute the information collected on site directly to your colleagues, employees, sales staff, partners, customers etc. You would like to send your custom reports by e-mails to your customers or partners? Save time with Kizeo Forms by sending your data, in the form of your choice to your recipient(s)!

With a list or choice field.

You can  define a list of contacts for sending e-mails. This list will be, for example, the list of your colleagues. This list is to be created in a List, Choice field or  External List component. Then you will only need to configure the e-mail option. Your list must be defined as in the following example:

  • The user will see the names and e-mail addresses
list with email
  • If you do not want the e-mails to be visible:  code:label
list with label

With tags.

The address contained in this field after the entry can also be used to send an e-mail! You only need to insert the tag or tags (##_id##) in the e-mail option! You would like to learn more about Kizeo Forms and e-mails? Do not hesitate to have a look on our tutorial  Automatically sending your custom reports by email!

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