25 Sep, 2023

Electronic Signature with DocuSign

Looking to safeguard your data using electronic signatures? Look no further – achieve it with our DocuSign Integration.

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What is an electronic signature?

The incorporation of DocuSign Integration within Kizeo Forms streamlines and fortifies the process of gathering electronic signatures. This comprehensive solution not only simplifies sending documents for signatures but also enables seamless tracking and management of signature statuses. It's a hassle-free way to acquire certified electronic signatures for a wide range of documents, including contracts, agreements, and legal paperwork.

Rest assured, the DocuSign platform ensures the legal validity of these electronic signatures. It is fully compliant with eIDAS regulatory standards, providing a secure and compliant electronic signature solution that you can rely on with confidence.

ℹ️ Thanks to the global recognition of electronic signatures, you can now establish a DocuSign account for secure digital signing and prompt return of Kizeo Forms documents. This grants you the ability to enjoy a user-friendly signing experience across all your devices, ensuring confidence in the process.

Set up

Prerequisites :

  • You must have a DocuSign account,
  • From the Kizeo Forms interface, only an Administrator can associate a Kizeo Forms account with a DocuSign account so that all users of the account can then use the integration.
ℹ️ Signatories do not need to have a DocuSign account.

The set up is carried out in 2 stages:

1.Logging into your DocuSign account

To connect Kizeo Forms to a DocuSign account, you must be an Administrator. Go to the [My Administration Interface] menu and select the [Integrations] tab.

2. Creating an Automation

To create an Automation, you must be an Administrator or Group Leader with form creation/modification rights.

Access to the settings is via the [Automation configuration] button at the top right of [Form design].
In the box reserved for the Electronic Signature, click on [+ Add] to create a new configuration. This is done in 4 steps.

Step 1 - Choosing a provider

Select the DocuSign provider.

Step 2 - Selecting the export

The electronic signature is exclusively applicable to a single export, and the format remains consistently in PDF. Consequently, the default option is Standard PDF, but you have the flexibility to opt for a custom export if desired.

ℹ️ If you have created one or more custom exports, the signature will be applied to the custom PDF export.

Step 3 - Selecting the signatories

The signatory is not necessarily a Kizeo Forms user, it is just the person who receives the email from DocuSign to sign the PDF document.

Fill in the contact details of the signatories by entering the required fields: [First name], [Last name], [Email] and [Telephone]. This information can be entered manually or using the form's tags. The list of tags is available on the [Information] tab in the form options.

If there are several recipients, define the order in which they should sign the document. A signature request will be sent to them according to the chosen notification method.

ℹ️ The buttons you need to know are:
  • [✔️] validates the signatory.
  • [] is used to change the signatory. This button only appears once the signatory has been validated.
  • [➖] is used to delete a signatory.
  • [➕] is used to create an additional signatory.
  • [⬆️] moves the signatory up the list.
  • [⬇️] moves the signatory down the list.
⚠️ The different scenarios:
  • You use the tags of several fields: the email is sent to all the signatories, in the order defined in the Electronic Signature Configuration.
  • If you use the tag of a Multiple list field: no email is sent.
  • You are using the tag of a Table field: the email is sent only to the signatory entered on the 1st line of the table.
ℹ️ The following fields are eligible:
  • The Input Field
  • The Text Zone Field
  • The List Field
  • The Reference Field
  • The Choice Field

Step 4 - Delivery conditions

Kizeo Forms sends the export to DocuSign when the data is saved and/or modified. These are called send conditions. The advanced conditions allow you to condition the sending using 3 types of filters: [Simple filter], [Dynamic date filter] and [Parameterised filter].

It is entirely possible to define several filters and combine them with the logical functions AND, OR or both.

ℹ️ The buttons you need to know are:
  • [✔️] is used to validate the condition.
  • [] is used to modify the condition. This button only appears once the condition has been validated.
  • [➖] is used to delete a condition.
  • [] is used to duplicate an OR condition. At least one condition must be verified for the data to be pushed.
  • [➕] is used to create an AND condition. In this case, all the conditions must be checked for the data to be pushed.
  • [Add a condition] is used to create an OR condition.

Automations configuration overview

You have a range of buttons at your disposal for different actions, including activating, deactivating, modifying, copying, and deleting the configuration(s). By default, the configuration is named "Electronic signature." If you create multiple configurations for the same form, a number is automatically added in brackets to differentiate them, such as "Electronic signature," "Electronic signature (1)," "Electronic signature (2)," and so on.

To alter the configuration name, just click on it, enter a new name, and confirm it by clicking the green checkmark. If you decide not to make the change, you can use the red cross to cancel it.

ℹ️ For your information:
  • You can create up to 25 Electronic Signature configurations.
  • The indication x configuration(s) / 25 maximum authorised is displayed below the automation type, x being the number of configurations, whether active or not.
  • When you have created 25, the [+ Add] and [Copy] buttons are deactivated and the message "You have reached the maximum number of authorised configurations" is displayed at the bottom of the page.

PDF export validation process

Following the parameters established within the Electronic Signature Automation configuration, Kizeo Forms transmits the export to DocuSign, accompanied by the list of designated signatories.

Subsequently, DocuSign initiates an email to the initial signatory, extending an invitation to digitally sign the PDF export directly within the DocuSign platform. After the initial signatory completes their signature, DocuSign repeats this process for the subsequent signatories, sequentially ensuring that each party signs the document.

Once all the required signatures have been successfully obtained, the DocuSign Account Administrator will receive a notification email from DocuSign, confirming the document's completion and signifying that all signatories have executed their signatures.

ℹ️ DocuSign fully manages the tracking of signatures on a document.

Data history

From the [Data history] menu, press the
icone-docusignicon. allows you to see whether the email has been sent and whether it was successful. Even if several emails have been sent, the history only displays one line.


1. Are there any additional costs associated with DocuSign Integration?

No, the inclusion of DocuSign Integration does not incur any additional charges to your existing Kizeo Forms subscription.

ℹ️ Please note that a DocuSign account is required to configure this integration. DocuSign is an electronic signature management platform and requires a separate subscription to use.

2. How does integrating DocuSign with Kizeo Forms guarantee the legal validity of electronic signatures?

  • The integration of DocuSign on Kizeo Forms meets current legal requirements and ensures the legal validity of electronic signatures thanks to compliance with eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Trust Services) regulatory standards.
  • The DocuSign solution is designed to comply with these standards, guaranteeing the legality, compliance and security of electronic signatures collected within your Kizeo Forms.

3. What are the steps involved in integrating DocuSign and Kizeo Forms?

  • First, you need to log in to your DocuSign account from the [Integrations] tab in the [Administration Interface] menu.
  • Secondly, an Electronic Signature Automation must be configured from the [Form Design] page. The chosen service provider will be DocuSign.
ℹ️ To find out more, please refer to the set up section above.

4. What is the advantage of integrating DocuSign and Kizeo Forms?

  • With this integration, your users can send documents to be signed. The data history will allow them to see whether the signature has been sent to DocuSign or not.
  • However, they will not be able to track the status of signatures. Only the DocuSign platform allows this, and you need to be a DocuSign Administrator. No DocuSign account is required for those signing documents via Kizeo Forms.

5. What types of documents can be signed electronically?

Integration enables electronic signatures to be collected for a wide variety of documents, including human resources management, commercial contracts, real estate, sales and purchasing processes, legal forms and other types of document requiring official signatures.

6. What is the difference between a Kizeo Forms electronic signature and a DocuSign electronic signature?

  • The Electronic Signature in Kizeo Forms allows you to affix a "handwritten signature" in the form of a drawing or image to a digital form.
  • Although simple and quick, this signature does not have the same legal value as an advanced electronic signature. It is suitable for quick signatures with no legal risk.
  • By contrast, DocuSign electronic signatures are designed to be secure, traceable and compliant with regulations such as the eIDAS Regulation in Europe.
  • They offer legal value for financial transactions and legal documents, with a signature certificate and full digital traceability guaranteeing legal validity proven in court.

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