26 Jun, 2017

How To Use The External List Page

From the external list page, you can create, modify and delete your external lists. You can also manage their rights.

  • First, let's log into your Kizeo Forms account from the online platform www.kizeoforms.com
  • Second, click the External lists tab on the left side of your screen-> Then My external list.

1. General Use

In this section, we will go over the basics of this page, like for instance the display settings and the search bar option. 

Define the display settings.

You can now choose to display certain elements on your screen by selecting on the top left corner the number of elements you wish to be seen (see picture below). This setting will be automatically saved for the next time you will log in.

For instance, you can choose to display 10 elements on your page by clicking the scroll bar and put "10".  Feel free to put any number of lists you want to be seen: 25, 50 or even 100 external lists.   external-list-display-kizeo-formsSort The Display Of External Lists.

By clicking on My lists, Other lists available and/or Library, you will display all the external lists that have at least one or several of these filters.   filter-the-display-of-your-external-lists

  • My lists : this filter displays all the lists you can access and edit.
  • Other lists available: this filter displays the lists that you can use in your forms but that you are not allowed to edit because your are not the owner.
  • Library: this filter displays the lists shared by group managers and administrator in the external list Library of the company account.

You can also sort the display by clicking directly on the heading or on the name of the owner.   sort-out-display-external-listsExternal List Search.

To find a specific list, simply enter the name of your form, the name of your owner or the name of your heading in the Search bar that is on the top right corner of your screen. external-list-search-bar-kizeo-formsDeleting unused lists.

Click on «  Delete unused lists » to delete the external lists that are not linked to a form. how-to-delete-unused-external-listsAdvanced Options For External Lists.

Click on the blue arrow to display advanced features of your external list.

further options

  • By clicking on « Owner », you can define who is the owner of your external list. This allows the group manager of this list to use and modify it.
    change the owner of external list
  • By clicking on « History », you will display all the previous changes made on your external list.

history of modifications

Note: You will not be able to see the changes made.

  • Click on « Share » to add your external list to your Library of external lists.

share external list

A shared external list allows the group managers to use or copy this external list, that can be accessed from the Library.

For a group manager:

- Using an external list give the option to add this list to other available lists, but only the owner will be able to modify it. If the owner does modify it, it will automatically make the modification on the one that is in his account.

- Copying an external list gives the option to use and modify this list. However, if the owner modifies this original list that you have copied, the changes made won't appear on your copy. create_copy_external_list

  • Clicking on « Delete » will delete the list from your account.

Note: You will also find these options on the main editing screen while you are modifying your external list. external list advanced settings

2. The Headings

This page allows you to manage the heading of your external lists. 

Set and modify the headings of external lists

  • First, let's log into your Kizeo Forms account from www.kizeoforms.com
  • Second, go to the left side of your screen and click the External lists tab > My external list.
  • Click on the Heading button on the top right corner of your screen.
  • By clicking on the pen icon on the left, you will be able to re-name your heading.
  • By clicking on the number of lists, you can directly display the external lists that are part of this heading.
sort-out-display-external-lists (1)
  • Enter the name of your heading in the Search bar on the top right corner of your screen in order to find the heading you'd like.

3. Creating new lists

You have two options to create your external list, either by entering the text manually or by importing an Excel file.  

First option: write manually the elements of your list.

Second option: import an Excel file.

4. Modifying an existing list

You have two options to modify your external list, either by entering the text manually or by importing an Excel file.  

  • Click on the pen icon that appears on the left of your list in order to modify it.

how-to-modify-an-external-listFirst option. Modify manually the elements of your list.

The same way you create your list from scratch, you can modify manually an existing list. how-to-edit-manually-an-external-listSecond option. Importing an Excel file to update your list.

From the Excel Tab, you have 2 options to modify your external list:  

excel template

  • The first one is to download an empty Excel template that will be already filled with the proper header (level_label, label and ref, etc.) For instance, if you have a hierarchical list, your header will start with level_label.
  • The second one is with your existing external list. This can be convenient if several modifications must be made inside a long list.
  • Then click on the Excel button and then Click or drop your Excel files here (.xlsx) to insert your template.

Once your list is imported, you have two options:

  • Overwrite everything: this will substitute all your list with the new content imported.

overwrite everything

  • Change and Add: This option will automatically detect the elements that are similar to those of the original list (and will keep them) and detect the elements that have been changed (and only change those). If there are new elements in your lists, those will be added.

change and add

Tip: To make the modification of your lists easier, we highly recommend you to always add a code to the labels (and level_label) of your external list. This will allow you to modify a label.

  • Then click on the Confirm the changes and go back to Edit button in order to save the modification.

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