22 Apr, 2024

The Kizeo Forms trigger in Make

In this tutorial, we explore all the features available in the Kizeo Forms Trigger on Make. You will know which parameters to enter to perform operations in Kizeo Forms with Make.

Please note:
Before you get started, keep in mind that our tutorials focus specifically on using Kizeo Forms’ modules within Make. They are not intended to explain in detail how Make generally works, but rather to provide you with a guide for creating automated workflows using Kizeo Forms.


The “Kizeo Forms (Official)” trigger allows you to start the execution of your scenario. It's called Watch Data Event.
You are then asked to select an existing Webhook, or to create one.

Webhook creation

Webhook name

In this field, enter the name of your Webhook

Once created, a Webhook cannot be modified. It is defined for a specific form and specific triggers. It is therefore important to name it as clearly as possible.


Select the Kizeo Forms connection you want. If none exists, you will automatically be asked to create one. See the tutorial Connecting Make to Kizeo Forms

Form ID

Select the name of the form to be monitored from the list


Tick all the actions for which you want to start your workflow:

  • Data Deleted: Corresponds to deleted data. Triggered when the data is deleted
  • Data Received: Corresponds to data in the Recovered state. Triggered when the Data is received on the recipient's mobile

  • Data Saved: Corresponds to data in the Completed state. Triggers when the Data is recorded for the first time

  • Push Updated: Corresponds to data that is updated. Triggers when data already recorded is recorded again

  • Push Send: Corresponds to data in the Pushed state. Triggers only during a Transfer. Does not take Excel Push into account
  • Select All allows you to select all triggers 

Please note that it is possible to select multiple triggers


Click [Save] to save your Webhook



  • I made a mistake when I created my Webhook. How can I change it?

A Kizeo Forms Webhook cannot be modified. You have to delete it and create a new one

  • I have activated the Push Send trigger. When I do my Excel Push from my Excel file, nothing starts on Make. What do I need to change?

The Push Send trigger does not work with the mass Push function from an Excel file

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