22 Apr, 2024

Connecting Make to Kizeo Forms

How to obtain a Kizeo Forms token and use it to connect to Make

Please note:
Before you get started, keep in mind that our tutorials focus specifically on using Kizeo Forms’ modules within Make. They are not intended to explain in detail how Make generally works, but rather to provide you with a guide in creating automated workflows using Kizeo Forms.

Get your Kizeo Forms API Key

To get started, you need to obtain an API Key. This temporary token, with a maximum validity of 2 years, will allow you to identify yourself on our API.

The request must be made by an Administrator via the email address associated with their Kizeo Forms account. It can only be done for an Administrator or Group Leader profile. Send your request to support@kizeo.com.

Key information that must be mentioned in your request:

  • Your Company Code
  • The User ID for which the token must be created
  • The type of token (API)
  • Token validity period wanted (2 years by default)

Establish a connection to Kizeo Forms

The first time you use the Kizeo Forms trigger, you will need to create your connection by selecting Create a connection. In the [Create a connection] window, paste your token into the [API Key] field.



  • Can I create several Kizeo Forms connection with Make?

Yes, It is possible to create several Kizeo Forms connections in Make. This is useful when you are managing the connection of several Group Leaders.

  • Do I need several tokens if I want to run several scenarios on Make?

No, a Kizeo Forms token can be used in several Make scenarios.

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