16 May, 2023

Understanding and using the address element

The Address tool allows the user to enter information about a location but also to geolocate. Thus, the user is not obliged to enter GPS coordinates.

The options for the Address element

Once you have inserted the Address element into your form, access its options by clicking on the icon:
acces-options-des-champsThey are divided into the tabs Features, Visibility, Display, Advanced and Help.

Let's have a look at them in detail!

The Features tab

  • The default title is Address but you can change it if you wish.
  • All sub-fields are automatically selected, so uncheck those you do not need.
  • The Mandatory Entry option: by checking this box, you make the entry of the Address element mandatory in order to be able to record the data. On the mobile application, as on the back office, a red star is displayed. It applies to the selected sub-fields when it is activated, but you can deactivate it on some of them by clicking on


Tip: Changing the title after the first save of the element does not affect the tag in the Help tab.

The Visibility tab

As with all field types, you can :

  • Set one or more visibility conditions: the field is only displayed if the condition(s) are met. The condition(s) apply to the whole field and not to sub-fields.
  • If Field always hidden is checked: the field is always hidden when the data is entered.
  • Unchecked: the field is always visible during data entry.


Warning: Remember to check the option Show hidden fields on your export files if you have chosen to hide the field systematically or conditionally.

The Display tab

This tab allows you to customise the display of the field on the mobile application. The following options are available to you:

  • Remain on the same line while displaying on the mobile: this option allows two fields to be displayed side by side when entering data, provided you have activated the Allow multiple fields to be displayed on one line option in the mobile application's settings.
  • Item Size: This is the size of the field name. You can choose between Normal, Larger or Smaller.
  • Colour: the field name is displayed in the colour of your choice.
  • Icon: Allows an icon to be displayed next to the field name.
  • Help text: it is possible to enter information for your users. It can be consulted, when entering data, by clicking on the below icon:

point_interrogationdisplay_tab_address_160523_tutorial_kf_cupofteaThe Advanced tab

1 - This data is personal data: this option allows you to partially hide the personal information on the data history and to display all of it with a single click. It also allows you to obtain an Excel CSV export of the various fields tagged as containing personal data.

Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial How to adapt your forms to make them GDPR compliant?

2 - Delete unwanted paragraph on custom made word/pdf if missing or hidden data: if you do not enter anything in this field, the paragraph does not appear in your personalised Word export. Do not hesitate to consult our tutorial Block tags or paragraph delete option.

3 - Read-only for modification or push: the data cannot be modified after saving or when sending pre-filled data in push.


The Help tab

This tab displays the following tags:

  • ##address1:address## for the address
  • ##address1:zip## for the postcode
  • ##address1:city## for the city
  • ##address1:country## for the country

However, you can also use the tags ##address1:state## for the region and ##address1:county## for the county.


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