13 Nov, 2023

Integration Between Zapier and Kizeo Forms: A Comprehensive Guide

Important notice

Please be aware that our guidance is principally centered around the utilisation of Kizeo Forms modules within Zapier. The tutorials are not crafted to delve deeply into the overall functionality of Zapier but aim to assist in forging automated workflows that incorporate Kizeo Forms.

Discover Zapier: Your Ultimate Automation Ally

Unveiling Zapier, the ultimate online automation platform, designed to seamlessly interconnect the various applications you utilize daily. Envision Zapier as your personalised digital assistant, perpetually prepared to manage a spectrum of tedious tasks around the clock, ensuring optimal productivity.

Zapier stands out by empowering you to automate an array of tasks, ranging from the straightforward to the intricate, all accomplished without necessitating a background in programming. Dive into a world where automation is simplified, making your workflow more efficient and effortless.

Understanding Zapier: The Mechanics of Workflow Automation

Zapier operates using "Zaps" as the cornerstone of its automation process. A 'Zap' is a conduit that establishes a connection between two disparate applications, activated by a predefined trigger.

Consider this: you have the option to configure a Zap to seamlessly upload a personalised report to OneDrive each time a novel form is submitted in Kizeo Forms. You are in control, defining the directives and actions, leaving Zapier with the responsibility of flawless execution of the remaining tasks.

Why use Zapier with Kizeo Forms?

Merging Zapier with Kizeo Forms unfolds a realm of immense possibilities, enhancing operational efficiency:

  • Streamlining Reports Automation
  • Facilitating Data Synchronisation Across Various Applications
  • Initiating Actions Predicated on Form Responses
  • Expanding to Numerous Other Functionalities

By embracing this integration, expect a significant minimisation of manual intervention and human error susceptibility, liberating more time to concentrate on pivotal tasks and objectives.

How to Get Started?

Using Zapier with Kizeo Forms is simple:

  • Register on Zapier.
  • Explore the library of compatible applications.
  • Connect Kizeo Forms with Zapier.
  • Start creating your customised Zaps using Kizeo Forms tutorials.

Connect Zapier to Kizeo Forms

In this section, we will explain how to obtain a token from Kizeo Forms and use it to connect with Zapier.

Obtaining an API Key from Kizeo Forms: A Step-by-Step Guide

Initially, it’s essential to secure an API Token. This provisional token carries a validity that extends up to a maximum of 2 years, facilitating your identification process on our API.

Crucial Information

Ensure the application originates from an Administrator, utilising the email tied to their Kizeo Forms account. Note that applications are exclusively accepted for Administrator or Group Manager profiles. Direct all such requests to support@kizeo.com.

Necessary Details to Include in the Request:

  • Specify the company code
  • Identify the user requiring the token
  • Declare the token category as API
  • Indicate the preferred validity duration, with the default set at 2 years

Establish a connection with Kizeo Forms

The obtained token should be entered in the window “Allow Zapier to access your Kizeo Forms account?”

Now you can use the Kizeo Forms Trigger.

Exploring the Kizeo Forms Trigger on Zapier: A Comprehensive Guide

Dive into this section to unravel the multitude of functionalities embedded within the Kizeo Forms Trigger on Zapier. Gain insights into the precise configurations necessary to facilitate various operations connecting Kizeo Forms with Zapier.

Harness the power of the Kizeo Forms Trigger, initiating the seamless execution of your Zaps, and paving the way for enhanced automation workflows.

App and Events

In this part of the configuration, only one element is present: Data event. It is activated at the time of the event on Data.


Account Configuration

In this section, you select the connection that has been configured in Zapier's Apps menu. If a single connection has been defined, it will be automatically selected as the default option.

Triggering Events and Actions

  • Push Sent: Refers to data in a ‘Push’ state and is activated exclusively during a data transfer. Note: Excel Push is not included in this consideration.
  • Push Received: Pertains to data in a ‘Retrieved’ state. Activation occurs when the data is received on the recipient's mobile device.
  • Data Saved: Applies to data in a ‘Completed’ state and triggers when the data is saved initially.
  • Data Updated: Relates to any data undergoing updates. Activation happens when previously recorded data gets updated or re-recorded.
  • Data Deleted: Corresponds to the removal of data, triggering when data gets deleted.
Practical Insights
  • It is feasible to opt for multiple Triggers in your configurations, allowing for enhanced flexibility and customization in managing data workflows.


Select the form you want to monitor.


Perform the test to verify that the configuration is working correctly.


It is essential that the previously selected form has at least one data entry.

Possible Actions with Kizeo Forms in Zapier

Explore the four functionalities enabled by the Kizeo Forms module in your Zap:

The Kizeo Forms module facilitates the execution of various actions within your Zap, including:

  • Download Custom Export: Allows for downloading customised exports in formats such as PDF, Word, or Excel.
  • Download Standard PDF: Enables the acquisition of a standard PDF file.
  • Send Data: Permits the sending of data directly to a form.
  • Get Data: Facilitates the retrieval of specific data item definitions.

1. Download Custom Export Feature

This feature facilitates the retrieval of customised exports available in various formats, including Word, Excel, or PDF.

Key details necessary for execution:

  • Form ID (Essential): Choose a form name from the dropdown or assign an ID utilising an expression.
  • Data ID (Essential): Enter the data ID or formulate it using an expression.
  • Export ID (Essential): Select a custom export name from the options or assign an ID through an expression.
  • PDF Availability (Essential): This option can be adjusted using an expression.
    • Yes: The export is provided in PDF format.
    • No: The export is retrieved in its original format, whether it be Excel or Word.

2. Download Standard PDF

For retrieving the standard PDF, it is essential to supply both the Form ID and Data ID.

Necessary Information for Execution:

  • Form ID (Required): Select a form name from the available list or identify an ID by using an expression.
  • Data ID (Required): Input the specific data ID or determine it utilising an expression.

3. Send data

For effective data transmission, you should input the Form ID, the Recipient User ID, and the specific fields you intend to populate in advance.

Essential Information for Execution:

  • Form ID (Required): Opt for a form name from the dropdown list or delineate an ID utilising an expression.
  • Recipient User ID (Required): Select a recipient's name from the list or articulate an ID employing an expression.

Subsequently, you will encounter all accessible fields for the Push. Ensure that the values are entered adhering to the accurate format.

4. Retrieve data

Access the entire data structure. Doing this allows you to view all values inputted in its respective fields.

Essential Execution Information:

  • Form ID: Select a form name from the list or determine an ID by applying an expression.
  • Data ID: Input the specific data ID or define it using an expression.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can multiple connections be established to Kizeo Forms in Zapier?

    • Yes, creating multiple connections to Kizeo Forms in Zapier is feasible. This feature is especially useful when orchestrating connections for multiple group leaders.
  2. Is it necessary to have multiple tokens for executing several Zaps in Zapier?

    • No, a single Kizeo Forms token is sufficient and can be utilized across multiple Zaps in Zapier.
  3. What steps should be taken when an error occurs during a test run?

    • Ensure that the form you're referring to possesses at least one piece of saved data.
  4. Is it possible to opt for various kinds of triggers?

    • Yes, choosing a diverse range of triggers is viable, such as opting for triggers related to saving and modifying actions.


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