19 Apr, 2017

How can I create a timesheet report on mobile or tablet with Kizeo Forms?

Would you like to record time worked or create a timesheet report using Kizeo Forms? It is possible! Let us take the example of an employee who, when arriving at a construction site, needs to transfer his timesheet to his manager and have at the end of his entry:

The 3 steps below will help you create your report that looks like you!

Step 1: The geolocation field in your custom-made report.

Add your Geolocation field and choose the map view type (normal, satellite or hybrid view) in the option. Screen-Shot-2017-04-19-at-17.36.23 On your customised export add this: ##id_geolocation_tag:map-z12-200x200-satellite## tag to display a map with more or less the neighbourhood. Screen-Shot-2017-04-11-at-10.28.30

Step 2: Your site list.

There are various forms of lists on Kizeo Forms: the simple list, Hierarchical list, Referential list, the Filtered list, the list with code and the Hierarchical and referential list. In this example, we want to sort our sites according to our cities and the manager in charge of the site should be appeared

  • Thanks to Excel, we were able to create our Hierarchical and referential list as follows:
  • Once created, we link it to our List and Reference element.

Step 3: The timesheet.

  • Add 4 Date & Time fields in a Table: one for the arrival time in the morning, for the start of the lunch break, for the working hours in the afternoon and then for the end of the day.
  • In the options, indicate that is a time type.
  • Then add three Calculation fields in the same Table and one outside a Table.
  • In our first Calculation field, Total morning (hours), we calculate the time of attendance in the morning.
  • In our second Calculation field, Total afternoon (hours), we calculate the time of attendance in the afternoon.
  • And finally, in our last Calculation field in the Table, Total day (hours), we calculate the total of his day.
  • In the Calculation field out of Table, Total week (hours worked), we calculate the sum of the hours worked of our employee.

Create your form and document to get a report that looks like you!


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