06 Sep, 2016

The Separator: organise your forms! 

The separator is an item that allows you to separate your form into severals blocks. It will help you organise your forms.


You are an owner of a garage; you wish to fill in a customer file for each repair. For clarity in your form, you want to structure it by types of information: customer information, vehicle identification and intervention.

In the back office.

  • Go to the platform kizeoforms.com in Modify or Create a form.
  • Click on the Separator.
Seperator kizeo forms
  • To access its features, go to the Options of the element by clicking on the pencil.
  • You can rename your element in the Title field. We name it customer information.
Seperator title
  • In the display tab, you can define: - its size: Large, Medium and Small

seperator height - its color seperator color - add an icon. seperator icons

  • You can also check the option to close the seperators when opening the form.
Close seperator
  • Click on Confirm to save its features.

On your mobile device.

Three different separators with different icon, color and size.

seperator element


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