08 Sep, 2016

Save your form or Draft?

Difference Between "Save" and "Draft" on Your Application

When using Kizeo Forms on your smartphone or tablet, you'll notice two buttons at the bottom of your screen while filling out a form: "Save" (located on the right) and "Draft" (located opposite). Here’s what each button does:

save or draft

Save Your Form

What happens when you click "Save"?

  • Storage: The form is saved on our servers.
  • Accessibility: You can access the report in your back-office and/or via email, depending on your settings.
  • On Your mobile Device: The completed form is stored in the 'Sent' section under the 'General' menu.

sent data

In the 'Sent' section, you can find all completed forms. Depending on your settings, you may modify, copy, or preview forms filled out by other users. Forms remain in the 'Sent' section for 2 months. After this period, they move to the 'Server' section but remain accessible.

search server


What happens when you click "Draft"?

  • Storage: The form is saved locally on your mobile device in the 'Draft' section.
  • Not on Servers: The form is not saved on our servers, and no emails are sent (if the email option is activated).
  • Flexibility: You can complete the form at your convenience.

    The draft feature allows you to verify the accuracy of your entries before final submission. It is particularly useful for scenarios such as:

    • Salespeople reviewing their reports before submission.
    • Home inspectors pausing and resuming their form during a visit. For example, you can enter the start time at the beginning and save it as a draft. After finishing the inspection, you can reopen the form and enter the end time.

    The "Draft" feature is versatile and can be used in various situations where flexibility and review are needed.

data drafts

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