21 Nov, 2017

Kizeo Forms Now Has 25,000 Users !

We would like to thank our loyal users for the trust they placed in us. We are glad to grow together and to be part of the digitization of your business.

We also thank our team: sales, IT and marketing departments whose main concern is always the user's satisfaction.

Overview of Kizeo Forms' activity

Thanks to you, now Kizeo Forms represents:


25,000 users on the field


More than 1 200 clients


Presence in 38 countries


More than 6 years of experience


Kizeo designs the solutions of tomorrow

Our core business is to develop B2B mobile applications and softwares. Starting from next year, we will launch two brand new mobile Apps! Both of them are aimed to save you time and increase your productivity.

We are also glad to announce that in a few days, we will unveil our new corporate website and logo! On that occasion, our president will speak a few words to introduce those new changes. The video will be available on our YouTube Channel.

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