16 Sep, 2016

The Kizeo Forms app detailed


You can easily filter your forms on the app thanks to the headings created on the online platform. To apply the filter, tap on the 3 dots in the right-hand corner and choose the heading.

form headings-1

"Main menu".

  • My forms: View the complete list of all your forms under this section
  • My favorite forms: The forms that have been added to favorites will be seen under this section. To add a form as favorite, just slide the form from right to left on the My forms menu.
    my favorite forms
  • My inbox: The push data is visible under this section and can be viewed in the form of a list, map or calendar
maps (1)
  • Data: View all your drafts, pending data and sent data under this section.
    Drafts: If you would like to complete the form later and not lose the data you have already filled in, you can save your form as a draft. The email scenarios will not be triggered until this draft form has been saved.
    Pending: If you have saved your form but are in an area without an internet connection, it will appear under the pending section. Once the connection is restored, the form will automatically be sent and will no longer appear as pending.
    pending to be sent-01
    Sent: The forms that have been submitted will appear under this section
    sent data-01
  • Gallery: The photos taken on the Kizeo Forms camera or imported on the Kizeo Forms gallery will appear under this section.
    kizeo forms gallery
  • Settings: You can configure various settings under this section:
    Theme: choose from various colour themes
    Font size: Select the font size you prefer
    Configure various filling options such as:
    Allow multiple fields to be displayed on one line
    Display multiple-choice fields by row
    Always copy images to the gallery of the device
    Use the device camera instead of the Kizeo Forms camera
    Use the normal keyboard for numeric input
    Return to the main screen after completing the form
    Enable high accuracy geolocation
    Automatically free up storage space when the app is launched
    Application information:
    You can view the app version, free up storage space and restore a backup in this section.
    kizeo forms settings


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