01 Sep, 2016

Integrate Kizeo Forms In Your Information System

To integrate Kizeo Forms into your systems, there are several methods, depending on your internal development capacities:

Integrate Kizeo Forms: Export CSV data with FTP solution

Our CSV export has been specially designed with the aim of being easy to integrate through another software. In the context of a software integration, we recommend using CSV format instead of Excel format. From the option of your form, you can configure the CSV export and the integration of the FTP. Sending data to your FTP servers is done once a day, at the hour that you want.

Kizeo connector (database/media)

In order to give our customers an i ntermediate solution, we developed a JAVA connector. Once this connector has been configured and installed on one of your server, as soon as a new data input is done on Kizeo Forms, you can automatically recover the corresponding media and PDFs on your server. You can even automatically recover and insert the data into your database.

API (Web Service REST)

For larger developments, with more complex process but providing wider possibilities, you have our Web Service REST. Already available in its third version, our Web Service allows all of your Kizeo Forms data to be manipulated securely using the TLS protocol. We can give you advice on using our Web Service, depending on the availability and skill of our developers. Currently, our internal skills allow us to provide examples in the following programming languages: PHP, Javascript and Java. But you can, of course, develop in another language from when it is able to make HTTPS requests. For more information, please send an e-mail request to: support@kizeo.com

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