12 Nov, 2018

How to obtain the geolocation in a personalized report?

In order to dig deeper on the customization of your Word and Excel reports, discover how to display your geolocation as a map, link or QR code!

In the examples below, we will use as a tag for our Geolocation element##geolocation##.

The standard Geolocation tags.

  • ##geolocation##: It displays the GPS coordinates with a link.

Example: 40.714587593160424,-73.99821728467941.

  • ##geolocation:latitude## and ##geolocation:longitude## . they provide latitude and longitude.

Example: 40.714587593160424 and -73.99821728467941.

View a map in your reports.

In order to turn your GPS coordinates into a map in your custom reports, you need to convert your tag to: ##geolocation:map-zoom-dimension-type_of_map##.

  • Zoom, shaped « zX » corresponds to the zoom made on the map of the world; z1 displays the world map and z18 displays the corresponding street. z12 will get more or less the neighborhood.
  • The dimension, format« -lengthxwidth » resizes the image. Thus« -200x200 » will display a map with dimensions 200 * 200.
  • The type of map: you can choose between« roadmap » (the default map type),« satellite » (satellite image from Google Earth),« hybrid » (a combination between roadmap and satellite) and finally« terrain » ( a physical map based on field information).


Geolocation types on personalized report

Turn your GPS coordinates into QR Code.

##geolocalisation:qrcode##: This is to display a QR Code which, once printed and scanned, will open a GPS application with the coordinates entered in Kizeo forms.

Barcode GeolocationView your details as a link.
  • ##geolocalisation:link## : Allows you to get a link that points to a map when you click on it.

For example: Map.

Did you know?

Different fields can be time stamped and geolocated. Want to know more ? See our tip on how to display the time and geolocation of your fields in your custom reports.


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