10 Nov, 2017

How To Filter The External List Display While Filling Out a Form

It is possible, while filling out a form, to select which element(s) you want to display in your external lists. This option works whether it is a hierarchical, referential, referential-hierarchical or a code list.


Step 1

  • Go to your online platform www.kizeoforms.com,
  • Click on the Form tab on your left
  • Create a form or click on My Form and select the form you want to modify.

Step 2

Add the element that will be used as a filter for your external list; if you wish to filter your list with a field in your form. This element can be an ' Input field', a ' list'(or its label or code), a ' slider', a ' checkbox', a ' counter', a ' choice', a ' reference', a ' barcode', a ' NFC tag' a ' Calculation' element.

Step 3

Add a List element you will link with your external list. In order to do so, click on the green pencil to access the settings of this element. Then, in the scroll bar, select your list.

Step 4

Click on the Advanced tab. First of all, choose if you want to filter:

Step 5

  • Select the mathematical symbol that you wish to use.

  • Finally, select the element that will be used as a filter.

Then, you will be able to select what will be displayed on your list according to what will be put in your element (all types of elements we listed in the second bullet point), a fixed value or a customizable user field. Select the display of your external list


Let's take the example of our Timesheet template form (available for download in our library). It has a referential-hierarchical list; the hierarchy being the different departments of the company (highlighted in blue) and the references being details on each employee (such as hourly wage, position, email address, etc.) highlighted in yellow:

Sales Department\James Lindberg|James|Lindberg|15.50|Sales Manager|No|jameslindberg@gmail.com

Sales Department\Erica Williams|Erica|Williams|12.00|Sales rep|Yes|erica@gmail.com 

Sales Department\Marc Fergusson|Marc|Fergusson|11.30|Sales representative junior|Yes|marc@gmail.com

Sales Department\Patricia Jones|Patricia|Jones|14.30|Sales rep senior|Yes|patricia@gmail.com

IT Department\Jim Wolf|Jim|Wolf|12.40|Developer|No|jim@gmail.com

IT Department\Peter O'Neil|Peter|O'Neil|15.50|Developer|No|peter@gmail.com

IT Department\Rajesh Patel|Rajesh|Patel|13.50|Developer|No|rajesh@gmail.com

IT Department\Tim Petersson|Tim|Petersson|14.30|Developer|No|tim@gmail.com

IT Department\Patrick Clark|Patrick|Clark|18.10|Head of the IT Department|No|patrick@gmail.com

IT Department\Ryan Robert|Ryan|Robert|12.30|Developer|No|ryan@gmail.com

Marketing Department\Lauren Moore|Lauren|Moore|13.10|Head of the Marketing Department|No|lauren@gmail.com

Marketing Department\Gregory Hogg|Gregory|Hogg|12.00|Marketing representative|No|greg@gmail.com

Delivery Team\Mike Hollow|Mike|Hollow|8.00|Driver|Yes|mike@gmail.com

Delivery Team\Pedro Jimenez|Pedro|Jimenez|8.00|Driver|Yes|jimenezp@gmail.com

Delivery Team\Jake Pale|Jake|Pale|8.00|Driver|Yes|jake@gmail.com

You are entering the hours worked by the employees of the IT department. Therefore, you only want the names of the employees belonging to the IT department to appear. In order to do so:

  • First, add an element that will be used as a filter. In our example, we will add at the beginning of the digital form, a list element called 'Department'.

  • Then, we use a second list element, in our case the list field is called 'Employee'. Go to the settings by clicking the pencil icon of this element. Then, in the Advanced tab, select the correct settings to filter your list > Choose the rule (by hierarchy) > Select the mathematical symbol; in our case '=' > And finally, select the element that will be used as a filter, in our case the 'Department' element created previously.


How it will appear on your mobile device:

filtered display on mobile device

In this code list, we listed the material a company needs to order every week. Each code represents the barcode of a product:

Kitchen utensils\34158000306: Black forks

Kitchen utensils\34159000307: Black knives

Kitchen utensils\34158000308: Chaffers

Kitchen utensils\34159000309: Aluminium lids

Kitchen utensils\34157000310: Black spoons

Office supplies\34159000311: Notebooks

Office supplies\34157000312: Blue pens

Office supplies\34157000313: Folders

Office supplies\34157000314: Paper sheets 

When you carry out your inventory, you want that, by entering the number of the box (first 5 digits of the code), that only the items that may be inside that box appear on your mobile device. So, in order to do that, we are going to filter by code.

  • Add your barcode element that will be used to scan your box. In our example, we will call this field Box N°,

  • Then add a list element, go to the settings of this element by clicking the pencil icon and link this element to the external list that you are going to filter. - Go to the Avanced tab, - First, choose the rule (by code), - Then select the mathematical symbol that you want to use, in our case Include, - Finally, select the element that will be used as a filter. In our example, we will select 'A field' and then the field named Box N°.


How it will appear on your mobile device:

Code list on mobile device

You have a referential list gathering all the items of your store:



8' plates|0.18|kitchen


Disposable glasses|0.25|kitchen

Printers|84.99|Office supplies

Pens|0.99|Office supplies

Markers|1.99|Office supplies 

While he is filling out a form, your field user enter the category of items he is going to order (ex: Kitchen, office supplies, etc.). To avoid entering twice this information, you want to get in your list only the items belonging to the category that you previously chose.

  • Add a list element in your form in order to sort out the items. In our example, we will name this category 'Type of supplies'.

  • Add a second list element in your form. Let's name this list 'Supplies to order'. Go into its options (by clicking the pen icon) and link it to the external list that will be filtered. Select the Advanced tab > Choose the rule you wish to apply (in our case 'by reference') and select the column number that will be filtered > Select the mathematical symbol (in our example =) > Finally, select the element that will be used as a filter. In this case, we will select a field: 'Type of supplies'.

Filter-by-reference1-1182x869Filter-by-reference2-1182x869Filter-by-reference3-1182x869Filter-by-reference4-1182x869Filter-by-reference5-1182x869Filter-by-reference6-1182x869Filter-by-reference7-1182x869Filter-by-reference8-1182x869Comment: you don't necessarily have to display the column that will be used as a reference in your form.

How it will appear on your mobile device:

Filtered display on mobile device


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