06 Sep, 2016

Share your files on a FTP server!

Share your files on a FTP server: The FTP server is a centralized platform for all kinds 0f documents. You can organize and sort your files in folders.

Unlike attachments to emails, the FTP is a scalable file-sharing solution.

To share your files on a FTP server, Step 1: Configuration of the FTP server

With Kizeo Forms, the FTP option enables you to share files (CSV, XML and media types) on a FTP server chosen by you and configured beforehand. Technical prerequisites are required to implement this option.

We draw your attention on the importance of configuring the FTP server and assigning the rights of access to your users. The server port must be the FTP port by default (21). If you wish to use another port, please contact our technical team.

Step 2: Configuration of your forms.

  • Go to the options of your form, in the FTP tab, and check the type(s) of file to be shared: CSVXML and/or Media.
  • Fill in the HostLogin and Password  box in your FTP server.
  • Fill in the Folder (ex: /my_folder1/my_folder2) box so that your files are stored in folders.
  • Fill in the Filename without its extension box if you want to systematically rename all your files linked to this form.
  • In the Sending time box, select the time at which you want synchronization to occur each day to back up your files on your FTP server.
  • Check the Activation box to validate your settings.

Share your files on a FTP server today! 

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