16 Sep, 2016

First use: Your first steps with Kizeo Forms

From the App download to data entry and saving options on your mobile device. Here are the first steps with Kizeo Forms

Stage 1. Download the Kizeo Forms' App.

Download the application on your Mobile device on the App Store (iOS) and the Google play (Android) Download Kizeo Forms app on the Google Play store. Download Kizeo Forms app on the App Store.Stage 2. Log in Kizeo Forms.

Once the app is installed, open it. Log in with your personal login details (ID, Password and company code) chosen when creating the account (or given to user(s) by the account administrator).

Enter company codeEnter login and password

Stage 3. Select and fill in the form.

Choose the form you want to use amongst those available on the list that you created on the  back-office. Enter data on every fields used to create your form.

Tap on the form

fill out the form

Stage 6. Lock, Draft, Transfer to, Save.

Once data is entered, you have got four choices:

1. Lock.

3. Transfer to.

4. Save.

The form (and data) is saved on the servers. The PDF report can be sent out by email if you set up the system accordingly (Forms' options). For more info on Emails, please refer to our  tutorial. You can also export the report form the back-office (please refer to our export your data in the format of your choice tutorial  for more info).

Swipe to add to favorites.

You can add one or more of your forms to your favorites. To do so, hold and swipe the desired forms to the left

form favorites


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