13 Sep, 2016

Customize your application: Add your logo

Add your logo to be displayed on your application as well as your Standard PDF.

To Add your logo, Import your company's logo.

Log in your back-office ( www.kizeoforms.com) and go to 'My Administration Interface' menu and then click on 'My account settings'. You can also directly log in to your Administration Interface and click on My account settings and Logo. This where you import the logo that will be displayed on both your application and your Standard PDF (in the header). Add your logo to the Kizeo Forms app.gif   Import your logo by dragging and dropping your image in the box or by clicking on the box. Your logo will be imported. import your logo on the Kizeo Forms application   Note: The image must not exceed 500ko. The height must be less than 200 pixels and the width less than 500 pixels. Do not forget to click on 'Confirm' to save it.


On my mobile device: logo on mobile   On my Standard PDF: pdf logo example  

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