24 Jul, 2019

Archive your forms by following a few simple steps!

Do you know how to archive your forms?

This trick will allow users to retain access to the data of a form, while preventing data entries. Our Tips and Tricks will be useful in case of modification or migration of your form. The first option to archive a form, is to remove the access rights of your users ( see the tutorial on user rights). However, this action will prevent them from accessing their data. To avoid this inconvenience, we offer two alternatives:

Alternative 1: Allow your users to maintain visibility, only when exporting your form data.

To do this, you will first have to make all the form fields invisible:

  • To do this, check the “Field Always Hidden” box:

Kizeo Forms Visibility field always hidden
  • Then, in a second step, to make the data visible in your exports, you must check the option "Display hidden fields" in the "Export" tab. If you do not check this box, your reports will appear without displaying the values of the tags.

Form options display hidden fields on exports
  • We advise you to add a Text field to this form. This will be displayed on the tablets and smartphones of your teams to inform them of the form status: «Data available only for export».

Alternative 2: Allow all your users to access the data for a consultation, and allow only some of them to enter new data.

For example, if the forms are entered by your subcontractors, you can create a "Company" user field using the custom user fields. In each of the fields, you can enter the name of the company. Then, you can configure this element in the form fields of your choice in order to display or not display each of the form fields.   visibility conditions with the custom user fields setting As in the previous case, we advise you to insert a Text field to inform users of the archiving of the form. Now you can archive your forms with ease!

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