27 Mar, 2019

Add your company logo on the Standard PDF document, the form as well as your custom reports!

Do you know that you have the possibility to add your logo on the Kizeo Forms application? You can add your logo on the Standard PDF document, the form as well as your custom reports.

TIP 1: Add your logo to the Standard PDF Document and in the app

  • To do this, on your administrator account, go to the My account settings -> Logo -> Drag tab.
Select your logo on the settings tab
  • Drag and drop your image in Kizeo Forms or click and select your image on your computer.
  • Your logo will be automatically integrated on the Standard PDF document and in the app.

logo on the login screen

TIP 2: Add your logo to the mobile view of your form and add it automatically to a custom export.

1- Add your logo on the mobile view of the form.

  • To do this, simply add an image in your form.
Add your Image
  • Add your logo
Select your logo Select your logo ending
  • When you open the form on the mobile device the logo will be displayed.
logo on the app

2- Add your logo automatically to your custom export

To add your logo to your custom report, you can just add the image to your custom report, but you can also add it with the image element added in the previous point.

  • First, copy the tag of the image.
Get the tag
  • Insert this tag where you want it to appear on your custom export.
Report exemple and result

TIP 3: Add multiple logos to your forms based on a response provided on another element

It's also possible to add several logos to your form and make them appear on your custom export based on the answer/response provided on another element, like a Choice element for example.

  • As a first step, add your images with the logos and your Choice element. Then set the responses of this element, in code: label format to make the settings easier.
add your elementsset the responses of this element
  • Set the visibility conditions for your images.
add your image visibility condition
  • In your custom export, to make the logos appear or not, use the block tags with the tags of your images. They must respect the following structure:
tag composition

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