07 Apr, 2022

Customise the name of the exported photos

Are you exporting the photos from the data menu and want to customize the export name? It's very easy with the Photo element in Kizeo Forms.

Once the Photo element is inserted in your form, access its options by clicking on the

acces-options-des-champsgo to the Advanced tab. Enter the export name you want to give to your photos and then validate. In our example, the photos will be named Demo.

Step 1 customize photo export names

In media export

From the data history or the Export menu, select the Media format. You will get a zip file containing your photos named Demo.

demo export

You can also use tags in the export name of your photos. For example, your form contains a Date field and you want the name of your photos to be composed of the date in addition to the Demo name.

To do this, simply copy the tag from the Date field into the customisation area. This way, the export name of your photos will include the date.

date and time tag in exportdate

In the Excel list

Rather than displaying the photo, you may wish to have a link to download it directly from our servers. The Excel list shows the photo and displays a download link. This link contains the custom name you entered in the Photo field.

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