27 Apr, 2023

BI Connector Getting Started Guide

BI Connector Getting Started Guide


  • Minimum knowledge of how Kizeo Forms works,
  • Knowledge of BI

The purpose of this guide is to familiarise you with the new interface of our BI (Business Intelligence) Connector.

It will be divided into two parts:

  • Administration of the data to be exported,
  • Connection to the BI database.

To access the BI Connector features, you must request them from your sales department.

Administration of the data to be exported

First, you need to select the forms whose data you want to retrieve in your reporting tool.

To do this, from the menu of your web platform, click on the Tools tab. From the BI insert, click on Edit.

This brings you to the settings page. It has two tabs: the Forms tab and the Users tab.

tools tab


The Forms tab

The Forms tab provides access to the complete list of forms in your company's account. If you have a large number of forms, we offer you the possibility to search for them by name.

On the right side of the page, + and - buttons allow you to activate or not the data recovery in your reporting tool.

bi connector forms tab

The Users tab

Here you can add or remove users with access to your forms. It is important to understand that Kizeo Forms rights are transferred to the BI database. Thus:

  • A user will be able to view only their entered data,
  • A group leader will be able to view the data of the users in the groups for which he is responsible,
  • An administrator will have access to all the data entered.

It is now necessary to activate the user profiles that will have access to the data in the reporting tools.

bi connector users tab

Add a user
  • Press the Add New BI User button,
  • Select the user you wish to add,
  • Click on +.

add a new bi user

A page will appear with your user's login and password.

Please note this password carefully: it will never be displayed again. You can easily copy it by clicking on the green button.

bi user id generated

Manage a user

Did you notice it? On the right side of the user list there is a blue icon. By clicking on it, you will access the management options.

bi manage a user

  • The Generate new password button allows you to generate a new password. This means that you will have to change the settings for the database connection in the ODBC interface.
  • The Updated rights button allows you to synchronise the rights of the Kizeo Forms user on the BI database. This action is necessary, for example, if the user is given access to a form already synchronised with the BI database.

The creation of your database will be effective only if the activated forms have data;

The addition of a form or a user can take up to 30 minutes before being present on the server;

It can take up to 24 hours before the actual size of the form data appears in the GUI.

Connection to the BI database.

To continue the installation of the Kizeo Forms BI Connector, it is necessary to install the MongoDB BI Connector.

Please note that you must download the version corresponding to your operating system. You will find all the download links for the latest version by following this link.


Installing the MongoDB driver in the ODBC manager

mongo db installer

Check the box I accept the terms in the License Agreement and click Next.

user agreement

Click on Next.


Click Install and wait for the installation to complete.

ready to install mongo db

Click Finish. The MongoDB driver is installed in the ODBC.

complete installation mongo db

  • Setting up the MongoDB driver in the ODBC manager

Click on the Windows icon (or press the key) and type odbc.

Select ODBC Data Sources (64-bit).

odbc data sources 64bit


The manager will launch.

Click on Add.

user DSN

A new window will open.

Select MongoDB ODBC 1.x.x Unicode Driver and click Finish.

create new data source

The window for setting up your connection will open. You must enter the following information:

  1. Data Source Name: Enter the name you want to give to your connection,
  2. TCP/IP Server: Enter the server address bi-connector.kizeoforms.com,
  3. For the port choose 3307,
  4. User: The user name in the form user-XXXXXX retrieved in the previous step 1.2.2,
  5. Password: Enter the password retrieved in the previous step 1.2.1,
  6. Now click on the Test button to certify that your connection is established.
  7. Click on the Database drop-down menu, the code of your database should appear on the first line. If so, select it and click on OK.

mongo db data source config


Your setup phase is over; close the data source administration window. You can now launch your BI software and set it up!

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